Sex video of married women, girls in Jos surface online


Videos showing young girls and married women engaging in sexual acts have rocked Jos, the Plateau State capital.

The videos, which were leaked on the internet, have been in circulation across the state for some days. It was gathered that following the release and outrage which trailed the videos, one of the women involved committed suicide.

The videos involved different girls and women being filmed by a cameraman and a producer/director who initially interviewed them, before stripping them naked and having carnal knowledge of them on camera.

Upon hearing of the videos, Daily Trust began digging and gathered that the girls/women were paid N30,000, to be filmed while engaging in the act with a promise to be paid another N100,000 later.

A man simply referred to as Emeka, who lives at the Rayfield area of Jos is said to be behind the videos. It was gathered that he takes the girls/women to a hotel in the same Rayfield to shoot the videos.

Emeka, it was gathered has female agents, most of whom he has shot the sex videos with. He pays each agent N10,000 for anyone they introduce to him. It was further learnt that the act has been going on for over three years and that he promised them the videos would not be marketed in Jos/Plateau State or even in the nation, but abroad.

But as soon as the videos popped up on a particular website and people began downloading them in Jos, pandemonium broke as many married women and young girls involved were identified. Upon circulation of the videos, it was gathered that some of those involved could no longer stay in their communities due to stigmatization and other fears.

Though the videos were later taken down, the damage had already been done. Efforts are now being made to rehabilitate some of the women in the videos. Pastor of the Latterhouse Christian Centre in Jos, Jemimah Mbaya, who has met with some of the girls to counsel them, confirmed in a video on her Facebook page that one of the girls actually committed suicide.

Though she frowned upon women selling themselves for money, she called on the society not to be hostile to those in the video, but should show them love. Pastor Mbaya said she would initiate some kind of assistance for the girls, stressing that young women with needs should approach religious centres for help rather than engage in immoral acts.



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