First time ever: Police rehabilitate road, to tackle traffic and prevent robbery


Men of Lagos State Police Command, Ejigbo Divisional Headquarters led by the DPO, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, embarked on rehabilitation and patching of Biliaminu Akinsaya roads, off NNPC road Ejigbo, which used to cause accidents and traffic congestions on the roads in the area.

The DPO, CSP Olabisi Okuwobi, mobilised her officers with some bags of granite, sand and cement to the dangerous pot holes at NNPC Road leading to Ajao Estate, Lagos.

It was gathered that the Police were worried over traffic congestion on roads leading to Ejigbo and its environs. Hence, they started looking for palliative measures and observed that pot holes on the roads contributed hugely to the traffic making road users to stay on the roads for several hours on daily basis.

The police having noticed big pot holes at the entrance, which slowed down vehicles from moving at the spot; thereby causing serious traffic build up took the initiative.

The officers moved materials from their station, went to the roads and started patching the pot holes to the admiration of the residents, who then volunteered and joined in the process to make Ejigbo roads passable before work would commence on the roads as promised by the Government.

Being the first time the Nigeria Police Force will engage in Corporate Social Responsibility, motorists and pedestrians could not hide their disbelief and shock that such a good gesture is coming from the much vilified organisation in Nigeria.

The NNPC canoe road was known for traffic jam especially at the rush hours which make people to spend hours on the road and cause headache for the traffic control personnel.

It is noted that the Ejigbo DPO do join her men to control traffic both at Jakande gate, NNPC junction and the Canoe road entrance to ease traffic jam.

The roads are rehabilitated to free up the road for easy movement, prevention of accident, driving against traffic.

With the rehabilitation, a visit to the street saw to the free flow of traffic and road users are filled with gratitude to the police except hawkers who complained that the free flow of traffic has drastically affected their sales.

The Lagos State Police PRO, DSP Elkana Bala, joined Lagosians to appreciate the action of policemen of Ejigbo Division whose service to the community has shown Nigerians that Community oriented policing truly exist.


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