Driver poses as Police Sergeant enters Police Command to bail detainee


Attempt by 51-year-old Adekunle Gbolagade, a private driver, who posed as a Police Sergeant to effect the release of a detained suspect, has been foiled.

Gbolagade, had visited the Anti-Cultism Unit of the Lagos State Police Command, to secure bail for his boss’s relation, Samson Mcdon, Monday where he was granted access, only to discover that he was an impostor.

Police sources said, “he came here first on Monday, claiming he was a police officer, so they gave him access to the suspect, Samson. He came again after two days, posing as a policeman and demanded to see Samson. We obliged him. When we brought out the boy, he started interrogating him but, he was asked to stop because operatives of the unit were present and we asked him to go out. One of the operatives then pleaded on his behalf to be allowed in, being a policeman and he came in”.

According to Police sources, “When asked where he was serving, he said Lion Building, Lagos Island. When asked to show his identity card, he said he didn’t come with it. One of the policemen mentioned the name of a policeman at Lion Building, where he claimed he served and he said he knew the officer.

We went aside to place calls because at that point we became suspicious. We asked him who was going to stand as surety for the suspect he intended to bail, he said he was. His response gave him out because policemen don’t stand as surety for suspects. At that point, we asked him to write down his Force number and the station he was serving. He wrote Area Command Office, Lion Building and 09 as his force number, which is not our pattern of writing. At that point, we searched his pockets and found charms



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