Parents protest in Lagos as Oro festival threatens promotion exams


Thousands of school children in Igbogbo, near Ikorodu, Lagos State, stand the risk of missing their promotion exams this week if traditionalists in the town go ahead with their planned restriction of movement by females from yesterday through Tuesday.

Oro worshippers in the town are imposing a 48 hour restriction, otherwise known as Isemo, on females and business activities in the area.

Parents and guardians are protesting the restriction, coming midway into the end of the school calendar year examinations for their children and wards.

One of the parents, who wants to remain anonymous, pleaded with the Lagos State government and human rights groups yesterday in an SOS to save the educational development of innocent children by prevailing on the traditionalists to shelve the restriction.

The concerned parent said: “It is an infringement on the rights of business owners who must not open shops while it lasts as business activities are totally paralysed and brought to a total collapse.

“When and each time this illegality is observed, communities such as Offin, Oreta, Baiyeku, Selewu, Macauley, Morekete, just to mention a few, are also affected since Igbogbo township is their only access route to the mainland.

“Close to three million people live in these communities.”



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  1. Kadiri Oshomah Morale on

    It’s a shame this is happening at this era.
    Never have the traditional institution serve as a threat to the educational development of any society.
    This shows the custodians are primitive and lack social education.
    The government should as a matter of urgency address this madness with the necessary authority and ensure such embarrassment does not occur again.

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