In Ashanti: Woman raped to death, left hanging on wooden chair


A lady, supposedly in her 20s has been discovered dead hanging on a tree trunk after what is suspected to have been a harrowing experience in the hands of rapists.

Residents of Apre, a suburb of Santasi in Ghana’s Ashanti Region, believe that the lady, who is a total stranger, must have faced intense torture, the way she was found completely naked by the time her body was discovered.

One Mr. Kwabena Gyamfi who lives close to the incident scene disclosed to FILASCO that, the lady is a stranger in the community.

“She was found naked with her head bent across a bench even as excreta bulged from her anus.

“Her cell phone, wristwatch, the removed dress were all surrounded on her before Sofoline Police came for the lifeless body,” Mr. Gyamfi tear-jerkingly added.



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