Sacrilege as robbers attack Catholic Church, raid Priest, cart away cash, car


Not many would believe that society has not crossed the worst line following the shocking news that robbers invaded the parish house of Christ the King Catholic Church, Anara, in Isiala-Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State and sacrilegiously, bound the priest identified as Rev Fr Sunny Awuzie and left him for dead.

Then, the robbers proceeded to ransack his living rooms and carted away some unspecified amount of money. They also took away his cell phones, computer laptop, shoes and dresses among other valuables. And to let their iniquity go full circle, they drove away their loot in the priest’s Toyota Highlander Jeep singing for joy.

According to a source who did not want to be quoted, the robbery incident took place last Friday night.

“It is looking certain that someone close to the priest might have given the robbers information about his movement. He was said to have gone to the bank to withdraw some amount of money meant for the payment of workers working on a project in the church,’ the source said. “The money must be part of the total sum the agent from hell stole.

“But pray, if the robbers are not agents from hell, why would they do what they did? If anyone should steal must they do that in God’s house?

“Unfortunately, they bound the priest’s hands just to prevent him from doing anything.”

He blamed the ugly situation in the country for the bizarre happenings in the society even as he took a swipe at the youths for longing to be rich overnight when many of them have refused to either go to school or patiently learn a trade to safeguard their future. He also blamed parents for allowing their children to live loosely and government for lack of jobs in the society.

He disclosed that the matter was reported to the police. But when they arrived, they went around the church premises and asked some questions then left.

He said the attendees at today’s Mass were shocked to their marrow when the distraught priest, Rev Awuzie, announced his ordeal at the hands of the robbers on Friday night. He said the news had been in the air since it broke but it further made a greater impact on everyone when the announcement was made.

Robbers, years ago, also raided the immediate-past parish priest of the church and took away some cash and valuables.

The church and the community are believed to lying midway between Owerri and Okigwe towns.



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