Reactions as Police transfer ACP Abayomi Shogunle after controversial comments


The Nigeria Police Force has transferred the Head of Public Complaints Rapid Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, known for making controversial comments on Twitter.

Shogunle, who is an Assistant Commissioner of Police, was transferred to Nkalagu, a town in Ebonyi State.

The police officer stirred controversy on Twitter a few days ago after saying that prostitution is a sin under the two main religions practised by residents of the Federal Capital Territory, thereby justifying the arrest and harassment of women, a comment which was criticised by Amnesty International.

An online petition was launched by Segun Awosanya moments after which garnered over 6,000 signatures of Nigerians

Shogunle had also mocked the #EndSARS movement which was propagated by victims of police extra-judicial killings and harassment.

The senior police officer had last month advised Nigerians to address roadside policemen in pidgin as this could help them avoid being mistakenly shot by the police.

Expectedly, the news of Shogunle’s transfer attracted thousands of comments on several social media platforms.

The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, confirmed Shogunle’s transfer but did not state the reason for it.

His transfer has been trending on Twitter with #Nkalagu and #AbayomiShogunle.

A former Director-General, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Dr Joe Abah, mocked Shogunle for his transfer to a town in Ebonyi and not the capital.

Abah tweeted, “Ebonyi welcomes Yomi Shogunle to Nkalagu. Please note: Nobody will call you ‘Buoda Yomi’ here; you will not be in the state capital; you will be busy with serious issues and should not have time to mis-yarn on Twitter; small boys will call you ‘punish’, not police.”

Dr. Anita Mudiaga described Shogunle’s transfer as a lesson to public officers who make unguarded statements.

“We might all rejoice at Yomi Shogunle’s transfer to Nkalagu(and it’s a small victory to be celebrated especially if it’ll make him shut up) but the truth is public officers need to know that they can lose their jobs when they make statements like that. He should have been fired,” she tweeted.

Biola Kazeem, another user, said Shogunle should have been sacked instead of being transferred.

“Ideally Yomi Shogunle should have been fired. His redeployment might give us some catharsis here but if he was so power drunk and condescending right here in public view. I pity the people in Nkalagu where he is off radar. I do not think his redeployment is a victory really,” Kazeem tweeted.



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  1. Posting in the police or military is routine and part of the job irrespective of the place of deployment. That the officer was posted out should not be seen as punitive instead for the purpose of filling available vacancy. You may have your reservation as to the person of ACP. but he is posted to an office commensurate with his rank. The question is did he start work in his former office? If at all he will definitely not end it there. So wailers stop your rant. Nigeria must move forward.

  2. Abayomi shogunle ACP is a practical and intelligent police officer he did not dance to the tune of those destitute miscreants popularly known as garagean , rotten politician, highest respect goes to inspector general of police Mr Adamu, who did not listen to the furky complain miscreants, they don’t want to see Acp Abayomi because they feed through crimes, and I G P worm against crime, to the public pls stay away from crime, live a Normal life,u will become a friend to the law enforcement agency, E.G the police and others sister agencies

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