Policemen don’t understand English, speak pidgin to them – Police official to Nigerians


The Head of the Nigeria Police Force’s Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit, ACP Yomi Shogunle, has revealed the language Nigerians should use to converse with Policemen.

The ACP advised Nigerians to speak Pidgin and not Queen’s English.

According to him, this will aid communication and proper understanding between personnel of the NPF and Nigerians.

This could mean that most Nigeria police officers do not have a clear understanding of Queen’s English

He tweeted, ”For now, don’t go and be speaking Queen’s English with them on the road.

“For proper understanding, talk to them in Pidgin, another way to avoid kasala. ”



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  1. Geoffery Geo on

    I bet the person saying this must have taken an overnight palm wine mixed with Kwale Indian Hemp, he is not in his right senses

  2. babagana sheriff on

    as a matter of facts talking about pidgin English in Nigeria does not affect only police because I in particular have tried in some occasion to communicate in the real white mans language but them too I mean the civilians couldn’t understand, so they too cannot make it with out pidgin so police on that basis police are not the ones to be blame, or those that mean all police are literate To grammatical English which means there must be mistake some where I beg don’t think police are illiterates

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