How 4 gunmen attacked Afuze Police station – Witness


A petty trader near the Divisional Police Station in Afuze, (name withheld) has given insight into how the attack on the station by four gunmen claimed the lives of the Divisional Police Officer and three other policemen who were on duty on Tuesday night.

Describing the attack as “a wonder” beyond the imagination of everybody in the area, she said: “I thought that was my last day but God said no, time never reach.

“The people I saw outside were four in number; they opened fire immediately they arrived the station at about 7:00pm. I ran and fell down. I lost my handset and other things. When I returned back to this place (shop) I didn’t know if they were the ones who stole the items or other persons. I didn’t even lock my store; I sustained some wounds because I fell into the gutter.

“I saw only four outside with my eyes. I don’t know any other thing. I have been here for about 10 years. That kind of thing had never happened in this place except when they used to attacks banks.

“The DPO was our father here; he was a very nice man to us – a very good man. It was not up to one year he came here,” she said



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