What Nigerians think about new Police salary structure


President Muhammadu Buhari recently approved an enhanced salary structure for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) for effective policing of the country. Daily Trust sought the opinions of Nigerians.

Emmanuel Gwarza, 40, Broadcaster, Makurdi

It is cheering news because the police perform critical roles in securing this country. In anything one does, there are risks to be taken. For the policeman who often has to leave his home for a dangerous terrain in a bid to restore law and order, there is need for them to be encouraged.
There are situations where the police are made to stay on highways and streets which exposes them to life threatening risks, therefore, Mr President’s decision to increase their salary is a morale booster and incentive for them to put in their best. The president should also take a look at their equipment for upgrade. This increase is coming when other public servants are demanding pay rise, so I will request that Mr president signs the new minimum wage so that other civil servants can be carried along.

Comfort Adikwu, 50, Trader, Makurdi

Now that police salaries have been increased, they should be motivated to do their work properly. They should stop collecting bribes. I think this development is good. It will enable the police concentrate on providing security for everyone across the country.

Ben Ibi, 64, Media Consultant, Makurdi

The idea of salary increase is necessary in the life of workers because the economy is not static. I think as the police receive increased salaries, they should also improve in the quality of their work. As it is today, the insecurity in the nation is widely known, an increase in their salaries should be a response to doing a good and effective job. President Muhammadu Buhari should also do something about equipping the police with modern gadgets to enable them perform their duties. Some security operatives have complained that their equipment are obsolete, so there is need to also take look at that area for possible enhancement. By this gesture, Buhari should also show the public that this is not politically motivated because elections are around the corner.

Dooshima Iozua, 40, Civil Servant, Makurdi

I hail the new salary structure of the police. I expect the police to now live up to their responsibilities and duties with this increase. They should do their job so that residents can sleep with their eyes closed. There is so much insecurity at the moment. We too, civil servants, want an increase to enable us enjoy the present regime because we all go to the same market.

Ibrahim Hassan, 25, Teacher, Gombe

The development pleases me because of the following reasons: As a Nigerian, we know how difficult things are, daily needs like food, clothing, shelter and so on. This at least will help in solving some problems for the police. Most of them have families, nuclear or extended. It will help in curtailing and reducing corruption, and also help boost their morale.

Japheth Paul Haruna, 30, Singer, Abuja

It is a brilliant idea. I guess this will help them carry out their duties effectively, which is to protect lives and property. Many police officers have been compromising, perhaps due to their poor salaries. The news development can only please me if they (police) are very sincere in carrying out their duties as they should, without corruption and injustice. Meanwhile, I am not disputing the fact that we still have good and reliable police officers. I hope they implement it as soon as possible.

Godwin Evans Chukwu, 27, Engineer, Abuja

I think it’s a nice ideal, but the development makes me wonder if there are some set of Nigerians called special people. For the past months this same government has been struggling with the civil servants’ request for minimum wage increase. Now, without any positive result from the police their salaries are being increased.
Does it now mean that the police are better than the civil servants or that the civil servants are not Nigerians? Like I said, it is a good development, but I think the action seems preferential. We are all Nigerians and everyone needs money. Let us wait and see whether this increase will make them proactive.



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