Minimum wage: ‘Labour’s threat to embark on nationwide strike unpatriotic, unethical’


The Network for Accountability and Transparency Crusade (NATC), has condemned in strong terms the insistence of trade unions under the umbrella of NLC, TUC, and ULC, to go ahead with their proposed strike despite court order.

It described it as suspicious.

The workforce had called on Nigerians to stock their homes with food, stressing that there was no going back on their planned nationwide strike over the issue of minimum wage.

Recall that the Nigeria Governors’ Forum on Oct. 30 announced that states would only pay N22,500 minimum wage.

The organised labour in reaction called for the implementation of the tripartite committee report concluded on Oct. 5 or it would go on a nationwide strike.

Reacting, however, NATC said the threat by the NLC, TUC and ULC to embark on the indefinite strike if their demands were not met was a clear sabotage and unethical.

Dr. Roland Giwa, National Coordinator of the organisation, said NATC frowns at such disposition given the fact that it is aware that the government through the relevant agencies had indeed put forward tangible reasons why the N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira) minimum wage demanded by the labour unions was not feasible due to the precarious state of the nation’s finances.

According to him, “NATC is also aware that the government proposed an increment from the existing N18,000 to N24,000 and the labour leaders rejected it for reasons best known to them.

“NATC as an organization that is dedicated to accountability and transparency hereby advises our labour leaders to rise above their interest by rejecting whatever overtures that have been extended to them by unscrupulous politicians that have done worse and will do worse if elected into positions of authority in Nigeria.

“This is also mindful of the fact that the organized labour should be the last group ever to disobey a valid court order in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. And as such, the intended plan to defy a valid court order should be jettisoned.

“The organized labour in Nigeria has been known to stand for truth. They have been known to protect the interest of workers in general and not a select few. At the risk of portraying the organized labour in Nigeria as a dictatorial organization, and one with contempt for the rule of law, the labour leaders at the negotiating table should not allow the smell of filthy enticement make them lose their sense of dignity and that of the millions of workers that they represent.

“The Nigerian workers have been subjected to untold hardship over the years, and to think that the present administration under President Muhammadu Buhari has introduced measures towards alleviating their hardship should be commended and encouraged instead.”



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  1. With due respect, I think Dr. Giwa should be properly informed about the trend of things in respect of the struggle for the Minimum Wage. I do condemn in totallity some of his comments which are one sided, unpatriotic of a man of his office and misleading as well.
    He will be aware that the government set up a committee since November, 2017 but only held it’s inaugural meeting around March after MUCH PREASURE from the labour. Then, the tripatite committee with all stakeholders which include GOVERNORS from each geo-political zones were represented at the meetings. Also, we were told that most governors submitted memorandum to the same me committee.
    Where was the likes of Dr. Giwa, when Dr. Chris Ngige single-handedly announced to THE PRESS that the committee was to consult the stakeholders?
    Then, where were you and your agancy when Mr. President called for the minutes of the committee and never made any comments after receiving the minutes up till now?
    Where were you and your agency when States were owing workers several months and were given Paris Club to off set the debts but, most states hardly used 50% of the fund for the purpose and Mr. President could sign an Executive Order of ‘NO WORK NO PAY’?
    I never knew your agency was alive then. If you didn’t see anything that was wrong in all those processes, I advise people like you to remain silent forever.
    Your types are the problems of this country.
    You people only talk when you want to take advantage of situations for your selfish interest and not of the nation.
    This is a country where labours are being treated like slaves. It is a pity.

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