Oshiomhole has ignited civil war in APC – Saraki


#Senate President Bukola Saraki said yesterday the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Chairman and the party’s spokesperson, Yekinni Nabena, have ignited civil war in the ruling party through their actions and inactions.

Saraki said Oshiomhole and Nabena have dragged the APC to a very low level that the ruling party was allegedly wallowing in confusion and disorganisation.

A statement by Saraki’s Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) Yusuph Olaniyonu, entitled: “Response to APC diatribe” said: “We have noted the irresponsible statement issued by the APC spokesman, Nabena. We know that he and the leadership of the APC are always incensed and disturbed at the mere hearing of the name, Saraki.

It is also notable that Nabena and the APC are always concerned about the developments in the opposition party, the PDP.

“However, we believe that with the ‘civil war’ that Oshiomhole and Nabena have ignited in the APC and the very low level that they have dragged the party, in such manner that the ruling party is wallowing in confusion and disorganisation, they have too much to pre-occupy them than to be poking their noses in what happens to Saraki or the PDP.”



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