Dogara attempted padding N30billion into 2016 budget – Jibrin

Honourable Yakubu Dogara

Honourable Yakubu Dogara

The sacked chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriation, AbdulmuminJibrin, has opened can of worms on what led to his sudden ouster.

Jibrin, who was said to be the ‘right hand man’ of the speaker, YakubuDogara, said he chose to back down for personal reasons.

In a long statement he released late Thursday, Jibrin  alleged that the Speaker, Dogara attempted to pad N30 billion into the controversial 2016 budget.

However, Dogara in a swift reaction described his claim as unfounded.

He’s full statement reads in full:

“I am obliged to make further statement after listening to the full statement of Speaker YakubuDogara on why I had to leave as Chairman Appropriation. It is a fact I went up to the Speaker and told him clearly I wanted to leave.

He confirmed this in his statement but it appeared he wished he had fired me instead of my personal decision to step down.

Thereafter I proceeded to my office. I was therefore not surprised when an aide of mine walked into my office to inform me that the Speaker had announced my departure. I was relieved and went straight to address the press and released a statement.

It was only later in the evening while monitoring the news that I watched the full statement he made on the floor.

Speaker Dogara’s statement was acomplete misrepresentation of the facts, false, mischievous, unfair and a calculated attempt to bring my name to disrepute, blackmail, silence and use me as a scape goat.

The plan is to execute it just before the recess so that by the time we return I would have been buried and the issue forgotten. Mr Speaker, this issue will never be swept under the carpet. We are closing for recess with it and we shall commence the next session with this issue. This was the last option they had after every attempt to find something to nail me failed. It is a known fact that I am a very blunt person by nature.

I don’t know how to pretend. I don’t do eye service neither will I ever be a sycophant. I don’t give returns. I just do my job faithfully and dedicatedly. My offence was asserting my independence and insisting that we do the right thing at all times and expose corrupt people in the House.

Lately I openly disagreed with some principal officers on the issue of immunity for Lawmakers and budget issues. I still maintained I will never support immunity.

I strongly believe with every conviction that in cleaning up the budgeting system and considering what transpired during 2016 budget which I have all the facts documented, Speaker Dogara, Deputy Speaker Lasun, Whip Doguwa and minority Leader Leo Ogor should resign.

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