Criminals on the prowl in Zuba


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The Zuba fly-over on the Abuja–Kaduna Expressway connects motorists going to Kubwa, Dei-Dei, Maddalla, Kaduna and to Zuba-Gwagwalada-Lokoja axis. Recently, the road  has become a den of suspected criminals who lurk under the bridge and attack innocent victims.
The bridge is a major stopover for travellers commuting from the North to other parts of the country.

Commercial vehicles used to drop passengers coming to Abuja at Zuba and if the passengers are ignorant of the swarms of miscreants lurking around the bridge waiting to pounce on their prey, they easily fall victim to them.
As the sun begins to set, the miscreants position themselves and wait for unsuspecting commuters who usually alight from vehicles and trek to the next park or bus stop to board another car.
Malam Musa Mai Tulare resides near Dan Kogi Filling Station, which serves unofficially as a roadside park for commuters travelling to the West, South and East from the North.
He said that the bridge has, over the years, become dangerous, especially for pedestrians and travellers who arrive at the town at late hours.
He said that some of the miscreants sometimes pretend to be  assisting people to get vehicle “and before you know it,  they dispossessed their victims of their valuables and money.”
He lamented that despite the proximity of the police station to the Zuba fly-over bridge, the miscreants operate freely.
“These robbers also target vehicles that break down on the highway. When your car breaks down and you decide to leave it there or go to look for a mechanic to fix it, before you come back, they have removed some parts,” he said.
He recalled how some miscreants trailed and attacked him on his way home after he closed from work.
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