Work minus pay = room for corruption, says HR prof



Failure to pay worker salaries could hinder fight against corruption, says Akintayo Dayo-Idowu, professor of human resource management and provost of college of management and social sciences at Osun State University, Osogbo.

Delivering the 9th inaugural lecture of the university, Professor Akintayo lamented the rate at which some state governments owe salaries of workers for several months and posited that there would always be incidences of fraud and corruption in the public sector since workers are not paid at the right time.

“It is an aberration for an employer to refuse to pay the employees on time,” the professor said.

“The salary is germane to the lives of the workers who would burn their blood on a daily basis for the purpose of attaining the goals of the organizations, so they deserved to be paid as and when due.”

He explained that the workers depend on their salaries to survive and take care of their financial obligations and that when the workers are not paid as and when due, they would resort to fraudulent and corrupt practices.

“Government must plan well and give priority to the payment of salaries of workers over provision of infrastructure,” said Dayo-Idowu.

“Government should not build infrastructures at the expense of human beings. Who will use the infrastructure if the human beings are not there?”

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