Emir Sanusi Performs Traditional ‘Durbah’ In Kano

Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano

Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano

The Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has made his debut as he performed the required traditional ‘Durbah’ since becoming the 47th Emir of Kano over a year ago.

The Dorayi traditional ‘durbah’, horse riding ceremony, yesterday, made it the first Eid that Emir Sanusi II, performed.

As a result of the activities of insurgents in the past five years, the Kano Emir, Muhammad Sanusi 11 couldn’t perform in series, the required traditional functions expected of him in each of  the two previous Eid.

Emir Sanusi spearheaded the Eid-el-Fitr prayer session in Kano that was observed on Wednesday, followed by horse riding events of ‘Hawan Daushe’ on Thursday, ‘Hawan Nassarawa’ on Friday, with a Saturday break and yesterday’s ‘Hawan Dorayi’, making him  a fulfilled emir.

It is required of Emir Sanusi II, to, in the event of Eid el- Fitr attend an Eid prayer at the Kano city Eid ground, Kofar Mata and also leave his palace  through ‘Kofar Fatalwa’ along City Jumaat Mosque road to Eid ground.

After the Eid, he rode on his horse alongside his guards, protocol, families and emirate members through smaller communities along the way back to the traditional ‘Shettima’ house where he read his brief sermon before he retired back to his palace through ‘Kofar Kwaru’.

The following day after Eid, Emir Sanusi performed afternoon horse riding, known as ‘Hawan Daushe/ Hawan Birni’, a colourful horse riding and a very brief one from his palace to his mother’s traditional house, ‘Babban Daki’.

He was awaited at ‘Kofar Kudu’ ground, main entrance to Kano emir’s palace by the state governor, top government functionaries, diplomats, and people who came to witness the horse riding challenge and greet the emir.

In the third day, the emir in the early hours of Friday paid his respect to the state governor at Government House, Kano, as traditionally enshrined and  referred to as ‘Hawan Nassarawa’,’said to have started with the advent of indirect colonial rule.



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