Taiwan Plane Crash Attributed To Pilot Error

Taiwan Plane Crash

Taiwan Plane Crash

One of the pilots flying a passenger plane crashed into a river in Taipei in 2015 wrongly turned off a working engine before the crash, a final report released by Taiwan’s aviation authorities said on Thursday.

Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council Chairman Hwung Hwung-Hweng told a news conference.

TransAsia flight GE235 crashed into the Keelung River two-and-a-half minutes after taking off from Songshan Airport on February 4, 2015, killing 43 people, while 15 people were injured.

“The accident involve the crew’s improper operation.

“We urge all airlines to tighten training and improve management,’’ Hwung said.

The council’s Executive Director Thomas Wang also added that shortly after take-off there was a flame-out warning from engine number 2.
“One of the pilots then shut down the power on engine number 1, until it was in an idle state,’’ he added.

The final investigation report said that the flight crew did not perform the documented abnormal and emergency procedures to identify the failure and implement the required corrective actions.

According to the council, flight crew coordination, communication, threat and error management are less than effective, and compromised the safety of the flight. (dpa/NAN)




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