Man confesses to 25 murders in Colombia


Serial Killer

An alleged serial killer, detained over the weekend in Colombia has confessed to murdering 25 people, including his romantic partner and two children, a state prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The man suspected of the murders in Guarne, 32 kilometres east of Medellin in western Colombia, told authorities at the public prosecutor’s office that he had killed 25 people, not 20 as he had originally claimed.

Authorities believe his story could be true, because the man, 44, has revealed the location of four of the victims.

Their remains have since been exhumed.

“He stated that there were four bodies on the plantation where he worked as caretaker.

“This confirms what this man is reporting,” Senior State Prosecutor, Luis Gonzalez, said, according to daily El Tiempo.

Gonzalez added that DNA tests still needed to be done to confirm the identities of the two women and two children found on the property.

“These individuals were strangled with a nylon cord and the first body was burnt,” he said.

He said that the man was “cool and calm” when describing the details of the crime, suggesting that the suspect knew what he was doing.

“We have evidence to demonstrate that this man now known as the ‘killer of Guarne’ is responsible and was fully aware and knew what he was doing when he committed the crimes.

“The authorities intend to prosecute him,’’ Gonzalez said.

Investigators said that the majority of the victims were female and that after the murders, the killer kept some of their belongings, such as articles of clothing and mobile phones. (dpa/NAN)


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