‘A friend told me he sleeps with women in the back of his car’



A 44-year-old teacher has dragged her husband before a Lagos Island customary court over allegations of infidelity.
The compainant, Tinuola Oyetunde, had accused her husband, Wale, of having extramarital affairs.
She told the court that she had caught her husband several times with other women.
“I normally see him at a popular bar on our street with different women. A friend of mine who lives close to the bar told me that he sleeps with women in the back of his car.
“He is not remorseful at all. I accused him several times but he always denies it,” she added.
She also added that he left the house after they had a disagreement about his actions.
“He was not taking care of me and the children. He would rather spend his money on other women than take care of his family,” she added.
She also said that she was reliably informed that her husband had got married to another woman.
She, therefore, prayed the court to dissolve the marriage.
She also prayed the court to grant her the custody of their three children.
Her husband was, however, not present in court to give answers to the allegations.
President of the court, Chief Awos Awosola  adjourned the case till August 14 for continuation of trial.


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