Fulani Killings: FG to meet with leaders of herdsmen soon – Minister

Chief Audu Ogbe, Agriculture Minister

Chief Audu Ogbe, Agriculture Minister

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbe has disclosed that the Federal Government will soon to meet with leaders of Fulani herdsmen in order to find a permanent solution to incessant herdsmen/farmer clashes across the country.

The meeting is also targeted at soliciting the support of Fulani herdsmen towards government’s plan to establish grazing reserves.

Speaking in Abuja, the Minister explained that grazing reserves will put a permanent stop to the persistent herdsmen/farmers crises that has led of the death of several Nigerians.

Ogbe said, “In the next few days we shall be meeting key persons among the Fulani and we will talk to them to get their buy-ins into the programmes that we have as part of addressing these concerns.

“We are facing a conflict, we have to end it and we will end it. Take my word for it! We’ve had enough killings of innocent citizens. No country can boast of how many of its own citizens that its own citizens kill every day. It is not an achievement.

“Those perpetuating these acts should know that evil has a way of returning to its source. No wonder Shakespeare said, ‘upon horror’s head shall horror accumulate’. So we must do everything to stop the killings.”

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