Nigeria Police’s ‘Beyond your sight’ premieres

Solomon Arase IGP

Solomon Arase IGP

Renowned Nollywood producer, Lancelot Imasuen, has called on the Federal Government to use motion pictures to increase the support of Nigerians for government policies.

Mr. Imasuen said this while speaking with PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday after the premier of a television series, “Beyond your sight”, produced by the Nigerian Police Force, in partnership with the Nollywood producer, in Abuja.

Mr. Imasuen, who noted that developed nations of the world like the United States of America have succeeded largely because of their support for entertainment and the movie industry, said the Nigerian government should take advantage of the wide acceptance of local movies in the country and beyond, to educate the people about the impact of critical policies.

“When such motion pictures are used, they pass salient messages. So by using the motion pictures frequently you get the consciousness of the audience,” he said.

“Take government policies for example, like the fuel subsidy; you can make some very serious movies that actually explain government’s position and people will get to understand.

“Just talking and seeing it being dramatized are not the same thing. Several government policies can be made easily understood, using motion pictures and people will embrace it,” said Mr. Imasuen.

He noted that the wide acceptance of western culture by youth was the consequence of the activities of entertainment institutes like the Hollywood in America.

“You can sell your culture, your beliefs to the world, through motion pictures,” he said. “Like in Africa, Nollywood has colonised most parts of the continent, you go to some countries, you hear people using slogans like ‘Igwe’, to greet a great person,” said Mr. Imasuen.

Speaking also at the event, the special adviser to the president on media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, noted that the partnership between Nollywood and the crime prevention unit of the country, will go a long way in reinforcing the key objectives of this administration.

“We know that the president is passionate about three things: ‘Security, corruption and the economy’; this is a great step that will help in the actualization of the president’s objective toward crime prevention,” he said.

Also, according to the Solicitor-General of the Federation; Taiwo Abiodun, ‘Beyond your sight’ will mark a connection point for Nigerians and their various security agencies.

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, said the program would highlight the exploits of the Force, as it relates to criminal activities across Nigeria, with the objective of meeting international standards.

“In this instance reference is made to global policing and crime. TV series like Law and Order; NYPD Blues, CSI in the USA and The Bill in the UK,” Mr. Arase noted.

He called for the usual support of Nigerians toward the publicity of the program.

The first episode of “Beyond your sight”, titled, “Finding Captain Folo” was aired at the Premier.’

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