Nigeria: Embrace Modern Techniques, Expert Tells Police

Mike Okiro, Chairman Police Service Commision

Mike Okiro, Chairman Police Service Commision

A London-based security expert, Chief Rotimi Fadoju, has called on the Nigeria police force to embrace modern techniques of combating crimes.

Speaking with newsmen in Ibadan, while advocating the creation of state police, he lamented that the nation was still lagging in the area of using modern technology to crack down crimes in the country despite the several laurels from peace-keeping missions.

Fadoju, a London trained expert in Police Act and Criminal Evidence (PACE), said that 80 per cent of the crimes committed in the United Kingdom were detected by DNA and the CCTV.

He said that it was unfortunate that the nation did not have a DNA database, which makes it easy to detect and continue investigations into past committed crimes.

Fadoju traced the genesis of Nigeria’s security challenges to the past, saying the nation was hunted by the several things that were left undone.

“In London, the Metropolitan police would spend heavily to crack down a crime using its several database and technological equipments. Unfortunately, Nigeria does not have a DNA database.

“The London police will never limit the powers of any of its personnel. A DSP will never interfere in an investigations being carried out by a constable.

“Nigeria police goes out on peace-keeping and return with laurels, but they are underutilised in Nigeria because they lack the required gadgets,” he said.


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