Former IG Okiro Says Nigeria Is Winning Insurgency War


Former Inspector General of Police and Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr Mike Okiro believes Nigeria is winning the war against terrorism. Mr Okiro at a forum in Lagos cited the positive news coming out from the military formations in the northeast in recent times.

“Two or three years back, it was everyday Boko Haram, now we are not hearing that much. What we hear is more of the Army. “So you will know that the security situation is improving and the Boko Haram is going down,” he said. He, however, called for more funding for all the security agencies in country to enable them defeat the insurgents completely. “The security agencies in Nigeria have not been properly funded. Let me give you an example. “When I was Commissioner of Police in Lagos, a relation of mine was a Mayor in a city in America – a city of 30,000 people. He came here and I asked him a question about fund.

“He told me that in the city where he was the Mayor, with 30,000 people they had 10 helicopters. “Now let us come back. Let us assume the population of Nigeria is 160 million. By simple arithmetic divide 160 million by 30,000 and multiply by 10. That is to give you the number of helicopters that the Nigeria Police would need.”



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